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Berry Islands, Bahamas

The Berry Islands are perfect for travelers looking for a spot in the Bahamas that is relatively undeveloped. Most of the chain’s 30 islands are gloriously uninhabited. This destination has earned a reputation for being a playground for millionaires in recent years. When wintertime residents are counted, the Berry Islands are home to more millionaires than any other spot on the globe. The rich and famous come here to fish for tuna, yellow snapper and king mackerel. Others come to snorkel or scuba dive in water that is as warm as a perfect bath. Of course, one need not have a bank account as hefty as a pirate’s treasure chest to enjoy a marvelous holiday here. All are welcome to plan a relaxing holiday that includes a little beach time and a stay at a fabulous resort.

Berry Islands from above

Beaches don’t get much better than the ones in the Berry Islands. Great Stirrup Cay is the perfect place to dig for shells and watch colorful fish dart by your ankles in shallow water. Chub Cay is surrounded by exceptional reefs that are full of exotic wonders. Visitors can also indulge in snorkeling, lobster spearing and fishing at various spots in the Barry Islands. The main marina here has restaurants where visitors can chow down on wonderfully prepared seafood dishes and enjoy fruity cocktails made with fresh and exotic ingredients.