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Eleuthera, Bahamas

Luxury is the name of the game in Eleuthera. A mix of turquoise waves and pink sand on Harbor Island creates a colorful canvas where beach bums can enjoy lazy days in the sun. This portion of the Bahamas is particularly special because it is the spot where the dark blue waves of the Atlantic Ocean dance delicately beside the crystalline waves of the Caribbean Sea. Eleuthera and Harbour Island are famous for housing endless pineapple fields. Despite the tropical feel of this steamy destination, prim and proper Victorian architecture lines the streets here. Properties here are adorned with elegant archways and gabled roofs that rival anything found in Europe’s great cities. Riding along the beach at low tide on horseback is one of the most popular activities in this beautiful destination.

Visitors enjoy beaches galore in Eleuthera and Harbour Island. Lighthouse Beach is particularly magnificent because it is bordered by both the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. French Leave Beach is consistently ranked as one of the best beaches in the world. While the shore of this beloved beach is dotted with luxury hotels and upscale restaurants, a hidden world of wonders waits in the reef just beyond where the sand ends. Sea turtles and tropical fish are commonly seen during snorkeling excursions near French Leave Beach. Perhaps the most stunning feature of Eleuthera and Harbour Island is a geological formation called the Glass Window Bridge. It is at this spot where two of the world’s most amazing bodies of water gracefully collide. Visitors love to come here to admire the vast color differences in the waves that crash on the Caribbean side and the Atlantic side of the bridge. Other beautiful spots here include Twin Cove Beach, Rainbow Bay Beach, Northside Beach, Hatchet Bay Cave and Rock Sound.