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Exumas, Bahamas

If you enjoy walking along beaches where no human footprints can be found, the secluded cays of the Exumas are for you. This tropical destination features more than 300 breathtakingly secluded cays. The Tropic of Cancer cuts like a sword straight though the Exumas. Many of the world’s rich and famous moguls own luxury homes and yachts here. People can be seen sailing, diving at coral reefs, exploring caves and snorkeling on any given day at the extraordinary beaches that shape the Exumas.

It’s easy to feel small when visiting the Exumas. The natural landscape is quite expansive and free from man’s imprint. Exuma Cays Land and Sea Park offers glimpses of iguanas, wild pigs, sharks and stingrays. Of course, one only has to travel to Stocking Island to experience a wonderland of great restaurants and bustling shops to feel connected to the modern world again. A little bit of history can be thrown into the mix on visits to the Rolle Town Tombs and the Bowe Family Plantation.