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Inagua, Bahamas

Inagua remains an enigma to all who are blessed enough to dip their feet into its warm shores or encounter its colorful birds. There is no place else on the planet where white sand and blue waves are complemented so uniquely by an abundance of pink feathers. Curiously enough, the pink flamingo is the official bird of this glorious island. Inagua is technically comprised of Great Inagua Island and Little Inagua Island. Both islands are popular spots for nature tourism. While other portions of the Bahamas promise luxurious spas and decadent restaurants, Inagua promises intimate encounters with nature and opportunities to appreciate the intrinsic beauty of the planet.

Visitors to Great Inagua enjoy exploring expansive Lake Windsor. Matthew Town is a harbor where most of the island’s residents live and work. The most stunning feature of the island is the large bird sanctuary that is home to West Indian flamingos and dozens of species of exotic birds. Little Inagua is truly memorable because it contains populations of wild goats and donkeys that were left behind by French explorers generations ago. The island’s secluded nature is a result of a natural reef that blocks ships from coming very close to shore. Rumors of buried treasure that date back centuries still lure curious explorers who come in search of adventure and riches.